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tickingtimebombb-deactivated201 asked:

Well I expect my FOLLOWERS to comment on my shit not random bitches calling me an ignorant fuck? Ohh girl why do you think they use dogs for fighting? Because there tough and can fuck people up! And hardly anyone raises there pit bulls right. And I blamed the owners! Don't try to come at me fucking crazy. You have NO right. And watch your mouth and be fucking respectful towards people you don't know.

Oh my fucking god you sat there and said some shit like “whoever said pitbulls are sweet and caring need to check their facts”(not word for word but basically the jist of it). That IS blaming the breed.
I am sorry that your father was attacked, I know that whoever raised that pitbull was wrong in every way.
But they are defenseless animals who can’t help what hand they’re dealt.
Every single pitbull I’ve ever met are the sweetest things ever. Always smiling, and just giving love wherever they go.
I just feel sorry for you that you can’t see how amazing the bullie breed is.



My dad just got attacked by a fucking pit bull. He was minding his own business going to the auto part store. Now were at the emergency room, So FUCK PIT BULLS BRUH! Whoever says put bulls are sweet need to fucking check there facts. You have to fucking raise your dogs right! Fuck!

my dog is part pit and is scared of bees…..not fuck pit bulls, fuck their owners..

Why don’t YOU check your facts. It’s not the pitbulls. It’s their owners who treat them like shit.
Leaving them in the cold. Beating them. Starving them. Clipping their tails and ears so they can fight. Forcing them to go up against each other in a pit to the death.
It’s not their fucking fault.
They used to be NANNY DOGS for christs sakes because of how protective and sweet they are. But now since ignorant FUCKS like you think it’s an innocent dogs fault they turn vicious, no one wants to give them a chance.
I’m truly sorry about your father, my condolences, but it’s not the dogs fault. The dog just had a bad life.
So again, check your facts.

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